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  1. Madhura T says:

    “MulticoreWare is a software product and engineering services company. MulticoreWare has expertise in plethora of HW micro-architecture tools deployment and engineering services using multiple CPU, GPU, DSP and Vector cores. Also, MulticoreWare provides engineering services in sensor data processing (Vision, Radar, LiDAR), AI analytics, autonomous vehicle software stack development though its expertise in traditional CV algorithm to Deep Learning techniques. Last but not the least, MulticoreWare develops and sells custom software products which serves the Broadcast, Surveillance, Industrial Robotics, Smart City, Retail, Logistics, and Medical Imaging vertical needs. We are interested to connect with you for mutual business interest. Let’s know the next steps.” Please share your Email id/ contact number for further official Process If you are Interested.
    website: http://www.multicorewareinc.com

  2. Hey – I was checking out your site and I’m impressed with how clean and professional it looks.

    Adding video to your website has become an absolute MUST. Even something basic that clearly defines exactly what it is you’re offering & why work with your company vs competitors…

    My team, based out of Toronto, Canada, creates quality animated explainer videos. Our award-winning videos are proven to increase customer engagement and decrease user bounce rate.

    Email me back for some explainer video samples, pricing, or just to say hi!

    –Tara Campbell
    Email: Tara.c@vidthebiz.com
    Website: VidTheBiz.com

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